App building and testing

App building and testing

App building has become very profitable as a source of making money online for almost a decade. Apps are built to solve a particular problem and to market products and services.

Some easy steps are presented here on how to build a mobile app.

1. Define your goal

Just like in any other business, a clearly defined goal is one of the major factors to succeeding. So before you start thinking of the technology to employ, first answer some relevant questions that will help you set your goals;
What is your niche?
What is your target market?
How will you make the app appeal to users?
Do you intend to monetise your app, offer ads to generate money or paid download?
How will you market it?

2. Research

Do an in-depth research on how realisable, marketable and competitive or unique your app idea is. Read competitors reviews, note their weaknesses and improve on them. Find out copyright limitations and technical setbacks. Search for an appealing design bearing in mind your target audience. 99design is one of the good places to look.

3. Wireframe

Take your design idea and rough sketch to a wireframing website to give meaning and functionality to your idea. This will be the bedrock of your apps development. Some wireframing websites you can check are

4. Define the Back End of your App

Wireframing gives you a storyboard on how you want your app to function. Now the functionality can be examined by using it to mark out APIs, servers and data diagrams. You can subscribe to services that provides app data usage and hosting if you have any difficulty. Some back end services you can check are

5. Seek for reviews

Show your demo to everyone including experts. Take advantage of criticisms and negative reviews to improve on your app development.

6. Start Building

Now your developer has the solid foundation to build your app by setting up servers, databases and APIs. This can also be done with a good self app builder. If there are any changes during the first stage of testing, ensure to modify your apps functionality accordingly.
At this stage your app is ready to hit the market. To do this you can create an account with Google Play and Apple. Below are some app building platforms:

7. Design your app

People are attracted by visual appearance, hence the User Interface is important. You can hire designers to do this. Usually a high resolution skin is needed.
Here are some app design agencies:

8. Test app again

Keep testing until everything functions perfectly. Now the functioning app and user interface is put to test. Pixate is a good platform for testing your app.

9. Beta Testing

With a fully developed and functional app, you need to beta test the app to examine how it will function when it goes live. TestFlight is required by iOS to beta test your app.