Affiliate marketing

Different ways of using affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online by simply promoting other people or company’s products or services and earning a commission in the process. It is one of the proven ways to monetize your website. All you have to do is to look for a product you like and would recommend, promote it on your website so your visitors can see it. You can also market the product by sending emails to your subscribers. If people like the product or service, they will purchase it by clicking on the affiliate link on your site and then you earn a percentage of each sale you make usually between the ranges of 30% to 70% of the product price. For a 30% commission, imagine earning $300 for promoting a $1000 product or service. Your profit increases as each sale is made via your promotion. What a fortune you can make from high number of sales and you don’t even own the product! This is the interesting thing about affiliate marketing. You can sell anything if you have the platform.

Here are some of the tips on how you can use affiliate marketing on your website for utmost profit:
1. Know your audience: Understanding your target audience is essential to promoting the right affiliate product. You should know where they are and what they want. It will be pointless promoting kitchen utensils when your website promotes electronic products.
2. Promote quality products: Everyone like to get value for their money. It’s misleading to recommend poor quality products to people just because you are offered a high commission. This will affect your reputation too.
3. Proper positioning of affiliate Link: Place affiliate links where it can be easily seen by readers. Usually your website header is a good position.
4. Use contextual advertising: The Amazon affiliate program and Google Adsense for instance let people reading about a particular product on your website to see adverts related to only that product thereby increasing their chances of clicking it.
5. Don’t trick your readers: Tricking your readers to click on links which will fetch you money will only chase them away.
6. Increase traffic to your site: The more visitors come to your site and see your affiliate links, the higher the chances of getting a purchase. With the best product in your site, no one will see them if you don’t drive traffic to it.