Selling products without inventory: Dropshipping

Why start dropshipping and how to find good suppliers?

Dropshipping is one of the ecommerce you can venture into if you want to make money online. In drop shipping, as a seller or retailer you must not necessarily have goods in stock. When you receive an order from a customer, you send the order and shipment instructions to a wholesaler, manufacturer, or another retailer who has such goods and who ships the goods directly to the customer.

The supply chain management method has some other benefits to it

– By dealing directly with the wholesaler or manufacturer, the retailer has the opportunity to earn additional profit by striking a deal on a percentage of sales in commission.
– You don’t need huge money to start or buy physical inventory in ship dropping, you only make your profit while focusing on developing your marketing and business skills.
– There’s a positive cash flow since the seller is paid once the purchase is made.
– Drop shipping hides actual shipper from the customer, hence eliminating the middleman’s role who may physically.
– Also, the drop shipping approach reduces management of total inventory and shipping costs hence the customer pays less.

Finding good suppliers

Finding a good supplier can be very challenging, a lot factors are to be considered. The points below will guide you to finding a reliable supplier.
– A supplier has to be trusted and accountable because you don’t have control over products that are drop shipped.
– Test quality of product, shipping time and packaging by first ordering a sample to yourself.
– Ensure that your supplier accepts returns. This is inevitable as customers could have a complaint about the shipped goods.
– Ensure your supplier is available 24/7 as online merchandise occurs anytime.
– Use the internet, blogs and online forums to find tested, reliable and affordable suppliers.

No inspiration? Start a Store through Shopify

One of the best suppliers is probably Oberlo. Oberlo is a dropshipping platform you can use when you have a shopify account. It is very easy to use, you just download the app, upload products of your choice and start selling!