Product testing

How to make money online: Product Testing

Product testing is one of the uncommon ways of making money online. This is how it works, you review a product by measuring its properties or performance and get paid for it. Just like surveys, to become a good product tester, there are some good strategies you must implement.

Here are some tips on how to be good in product testing.

1. Create another e-mail

This is the first and most important step as it is necessary for protecting your main email and saving your inbox from spam. Fact is that your email will be required as you continue to sign up for product testing. You may have as much as 20,000 spam messages hitting your email box. This can really be annoying. Also when you sign up, be sure to confirm the email.

2. Be in time

Timely delivery is important if you a company must continue to use your service for testing their products or if a product testing company must continue to contact you. People who don’t quickly are usually blacklisted as most of them just get the product and never return feedback.

3. Write Excellent reviews

Though sincerity counts most, but writing excellent reviews will definitely earn you more product testing jobs as companies keep track of such reviewers.
The following tips will guide you to write good reviews;
– Though you will be paid when you write a review, still take time to really test the product.
– Find out what you truly like about the product
– What could have made the product better?
– Is the quality, packaging and others worth the price of the product?
– Is the product durable?
– Can you buy the product with your own money?

4. Find the right Product testing companies

There are a lot of scammers on the internet making it a little difficult to identify legitimate product testing companies.
Here are a few real one you can trust.