Webdesign – How to Start?

Webdesign entails the methods of building and maintenance of a website. Building your own website involves three easy steps.
1. Select your preferred website building platform
2. Chose a domain name and host
3. Set up, design and modify your website

1. Select your preferred website building platform

Before now building a website is very difficult as it requires a lot of coding and expertise but with Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, web designing has become very easy. Other CMS platforms are Drupal and Joomla but WordPress is more preferred and widely used because it is free, user and beginner friendly, it comes with many layouts and themes, it is works on any mobile devices and it has huge support and help community.

2. Chose a domain name and host

A domain name is your web address like ‘yourname.com’ while a hosting service connects your site to the internet. Domain name and hosting cost about $3 to $5 per month. It’s more professional to own your domain name and self-hosting ensures that your site loads quickly. There are several web hosting providers such as Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. You shall be given a personal email account such as me@mysite.com when you get a domain name and hosting. In choosing a domain name, they should reflect the purpose for which the website is intended. It is also recommended that domain names should be catchy, memorable and should represent brand.

3. Set up, design and modify your website

a. After buying your name and host, next thing to do is install WordPress to your domain. Most hosting companies provides 1-click-installation for WordPress which you will find on the control panel. Follow the steps below to install WordPress;
– Log in your hosting account
– Click control panel
– Search for WordPress
– Select the domain where you want to install your website
– Click “Install now” and you have your new WordPress Website.
b. Choose a theme for your website to give it the unique look you desire. To choose a team;
– Log in to your WordPress dashboard by typing http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin,
– Look for “Appearance”, then click “Themes”. There are about 1500 themes to choose from but you can buy more from ThemeForest.net.
– Install new theme and activate.
c. Add content and create pages;
– At the WordPress Dashboard look for “Pages”
– Click “Add New” then type text and save.
– “Click Update”
d. Install Plugins to get added features out of WordPress
To install plugins, go to “Plugins then click on “Add New” and simply start searching for desired plugins. There are over 25,000 free different plugins. Some useful ones are yoast SEO, Quick Adsense, Google Analytics, Contact Form 7, Dashboard for WP, JetPack, Aksimet, Mailchimp for e-mail subscribers.
And now your website is ready to launch!!