Ebook writing

Tips on writing an e-book -Write your own e-book

Writing an e-book or electronic book is one of the easiest way to make extra money online. If you have an idea to sell, a product to market or a service to promote, e-books are one of cheapest and easiest way of achieving them and earning additional income.

Below are some useful tips that will guide you to write an excellent e-book and publish it.

1. Find a marketable idea

Just like any other kind of book, the first step to writing one is to think of an idea or concept. E-books are self-published so it doesn’t matter if it is short, simple or complex so long as it can sell. It is best to choose an idea which you have an appreciable prior knowledge of and an idea that can capture people’s interest and sell considerably for profit.

2. Develop the idea

You can develop the idea by first writing an outline or drawing a web of contents depending on the kind of e-book. This must relate to each other and engulf the details of the idea. These outlines can then be expanded by writing down basic information on the idea, first as phrases and then adding them up to make sentences.

3. Arrange your details

Once your basic ideas has been fully developed and all the information written, rearrange them in a meaningful order and readable flow. The basics should come first and illustrations or explanations should follow. It could be needful to divide the book into chapters depending on the volume of the book and the structure you choose.

4. Write your e-book

Bearing in mind a certain word count or number of pages, you can start writing your book. Write exhaustively without worrying about any particular structure. Just pour out your mind on paper until it is finished.

5. Revise and edit

After a while, revisit the book to be sure it is in the right flow and structure. Check for grammatical error, spelling errors and so on.

6. Add front and end materials

After the body of the book has been completed, choose a catchy and befitting title for the book. Add other details such as such as introduction at the beginning and bibliography at the end of the book. Finally, add a book cover that is professionally designed to boost sales of the e-book.

7. Share your e-book

Once your e-book is totally completed, share it and request for feedbacks which you can use to improve on certain areas you didn’t give attention.

8. Publish it